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Car Wash Express has a Strong Desire to help your Non-Profit Organization! We are a LOCAL, Family Owned and Operated Business engaged in OUR Community!


For More Information:

Contact: Dan Reeves 

Office: 912-335-6672 Ext. 2




* No More ORDER-Taking *No More Standing by the Road *No More Deliveries

Put the "Fun" back into Fundraising! This isn't supposed to be WORK! Join US by partnering with your local Professional Car Wash and give your Organization the opportunity to raise those much needed funds while protecting our environment!


Holding a car wash is a popular way to raise funds for various organizations but all too often, while they help the organization, such car washes hurt the environment. By planning your car wash fundraiser with Car Wash Express, Inc., it can be fun and profitable for your organization, as well as respectful of our local water resources. Our goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer. One way we can accomplish this is by offering  to assist with fundraisers and charitable events. Car Wash Express feels confident in our abilities to help you reach your goals, create a successful event all while being enviromentally responsible! 


So now you're wondering..."Where do I/We start?"


It's easy and here's how it works! Car Wash Express supplies your Organization or Group with Pre-Paid Wash Cards. You purchase the Pre-Paid Wash Cards for less than Wholesale and sell them for Retail. Your Organization/Group will sell a High Quality Car Wash service from a respected, local Company in an Easy-to-Sell format! No standing with signs at the edge of the road! No more Order-taking! No more Time Consuming deliveries! You have the option to allow for your fundraising event to operate on a specific day, or allow for your purchasers to use their pre-paid car washes at their leisure - it's up to you and best of all, NO MORE RAIN DAYS! Car Wash Express will gladly meet with your organization or group to address any questions you may have and get you on the road to a successful and profitable fundraising or charitable event!


Professionally operated car washes like Car Wash Express use sophisticated technology and specially designed equipment to conserve water while still supplying a superior wash! Unlike the sanitary system, water that runs into the storm drain from parking lot car washes goes directly into lakes, streams and wetlands with little or no treatment at all! Dirt, grime, oil, soap and other car wash residuals are harmful to fish, wildlife and plants that grow in and around our waterways. Even biodegradable soap causes trouble because it enters a waterway and begins to degrade. It uses up oxygen needed by fish, plants and other marine life. Professionally operated car washes are more environmentally friendly than non-professional washes. Our car washes have special wash racks that empty into the waste water collection systems. Modern car wash water recycling equipment can reduce water use by as much as 50%. Additionally, water reclamation systems in commercial car washes can actually use less water than hand washing. 


So now that we've educated you on the harmful effects of "Parking Lot" car washing, please contact us! We will be happy to send you all of the necessary information, or we can set up and appointment to meet with your Event Organizer directly. We look forward to working together with you to accomplish your goals! 

  • RAISE MONEY OFFERING SOMETHING NEW AND PRACTICAL                                                                                                      


  • RE-INVEST IN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY!                                          

  • REQUIRES NO ORDER TAKING OR DELIVERIES BY YOUR MEMBERS!                                                                                                         


For More information, please Contact: Dan Reeves

Office: 912-335-6672 Ext. 2

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