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Car Wash Express, Inc.
P.O. Box 517
Darien, GA 31305
Office: 912-335-6672*
*Do you want to speak to a LIVE person and get real results? Customer Service is our TOP PRIORITY! Please use the appropriate extension to ensure the best response time! If you don't get us immediately, please don't hang up and dial again...your call is EXTREMELY important to us however we may be assisting another Customer. Please, leave a Name, Best Contact Number and a Message. We want to give you our undivided attention!
Ext. 1 - Unlimited WashPass Club Membership - Reserved Exclusively for our Premier Unlimited WashPass Members regarding Questions, Concerns and Updates to their Accounts!
Ext. 2 - Customer Care Line - Reserved for Questions and Concerns regarding Wash Quality, Comments and Suggestions!
Ext. 4 - Human Resources Dept. - Reserved for Current and Previous Employees regarding Payroll, Tax information and other employment questions or concerns. Applicants can also check up on their applications here!



"It's your choice where you do business...

Thank you for choosing Car Wash Express, Inc.!"

~ Robert Greene ~ President/Owner/Operator


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